Mifeprex (mifepristone)


An absolute abortion pills

Mifeprex admitted only drug approved by the FDA for early pregnancy abortion. It is a non-surgical abortion needs to be practiced in the initial 49 days of pregnancy. Mifeprex found a finest working drug to abort the baby completely. It has been found exerting around the globe getting it online and in a cheapest price. This drug is a imitated steroid, exert only or jointly with another medication, to lapse down an early and unwished pregnancy by considering 7 weeks of last menstruation in women. It leads to hinder the hormone liable to cause pregnancy to persist. In short, mifeprex is termed as a complete abortion pills to execute an unwanted pregnancy without undergoing surgical process. Mifepristone emanates under the group of medications known as antiprogestational steroids. It acts by wedging the deed of progesterone, a substance, which is accountable to precede pregnancy.

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Mifeprex 200mg

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How does mifeprex act ?

Mifeprex is a group of active component called mifepristone that leads to hinders the progesterone, a naturally forming hormone, which forms the coating of the uterus for a nourishing egg & aids sustain pregnancy. Devoid of progesterone the pregnancy doesn’t proceed & the facing of the uterus get soften, drop down & leads to cause bleeding. Mifeprex is pursued by a prostaglandin, in which misoprostol, found accountable to suppress the uterus & aids finish the process. In short, mifepristone helps decimate the fetus and misoprostol assist to eliminate the fetus out from the uterus.

How to take the dosage ?

Mifepristone is an oral prescribed pills need to be taken with the normal water and under the doctors supervision. You need to take 3 pills of mifepristone initially in a first day. After, a gap of two days you need to practice a dose of misoprostol that results vaginally bleeding for 9 to 10 days or until you get the baby aborted completely. The overall process of this medical abortion needs to be followed under doctor’s supervision.

If, you fail to understand the process kindly seek the help of the experts, do not use your mind in such case otherwise you will get the risk of pregnancy. You must take this pill strictly under recommendation. If, in case the pills fail to response consult the doctor or the specialist. If, you observe access amount of bleeding rush to seek help of the doctor. You need to take it orally without mashing or breaking.

Prevention measure and precautions strategy to be taken

One must shun taking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Taking grapes contain stuff enhances the risk of side-effects. Practicing such habits may reduce the role of pregnancy termination. Do not perform any heavy work; try taking healthy foods; fruits, vegetables, etc. you can also take vitamin pills. Abortion is such a process where you need to take a complete rest, avoid intake of spicy or oily stuff may reduce the impact level of the drug. Taking any other drug along with this may found hurdle for the health.

Reveal the doctor or avoid taking the pills

  • If, you have conceived or expecting to get conceived or going under lactating phase.
  • If, you are going under or practicing any recommended or non- recommended drugs.
  • If, you are allergic to certain medicines, foodstuff, or other stuff
  • If, you are suffering from breathing, heart, liver, lung, or kidney disorders,
  • diabetes, anemia or a condition called high blood pressure
  • If, you are suffering from any extreme health complication


A sufferer that suspected nourished egg implantation outside the uterus, unending adrenal letdown, simultaneous long-term corticosteroid remedy, allergic to mifepristone, misoprostol or other prostaglandin, over bleeding, liver or kidney mutilation; pregnancy & nursing phase, etc.


One may face a side-effect like nausea, giddiness, vomiting, weakness, numbness, lack of appetite, fatigue, stomach ache, diarrhea, irritation, etc. these are certain side-effects, which seems normally. If, in case you get a sensation of harsh breathing, rapid heartbeats, etc. kindly rush to seek help of the doctor.


You need to store the medicine under the moderate temperature away from heat and kids. Kindly place it in the box so that you can get it prevent from moisture. Dispose the pills once turned outdated.

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