How to maintain hygiene after abortion?

One of the important factors for a healthy life is self-hygiene. Abortion is a very dedicated decision of a woman's life. A woman must take care of her health as well as surroundings when she uses the online Abortion Pill for pregnancy termination. Abortion performed with the help of medicine needs a certain level of hygiene to avoid possibilities of infection. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss why and how to maintain hygiene after having an abortion.

Medical abortion is performed with the help of Mifepristone and Misoprostol Abortion Pills. These pills work in combination; the first pill will end a pregnancy and second will remove the dead fetus out of the uterus. These medicines will cause loss of blood and uterus tissue while removing the fetus from the uterus. If hygiene is not maintained during and after termination, it may cause bacterial infection and can be an invitation to numerous diseases.

Vaginal flora are types of bacteria that present in a woman's vagina and is dominated by Lactobacillus species. This helps to maintain the health of the vagina by producing lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other substance that works as an inhibitor for unnecessary micro-organism. Still maintaining hygiene is important in order to avoid bacterial and fungal growth.

Take a shower daily:

Taking a shower twice a day during a medical abortion is considered as a healthy habit of maintaining hygiene. While taking shower or washing, avoid motioning of hands. Right the approach to the clean vaginal region is by cleaning the vaginal area first and then washing the anus part.

Use sanitary pads instated of tampons:

Though there are certain times and situations where tampons are more convenient and accessible than sanitary pads, it is advised to use sanitary pads instead of tampons during a medical abortion. The reason behind that is anything inserted in the vagina can increase the risk of bacterial infection. It is also advised to use fragrance-free sanitary pads during the termination process.

Change Maxi Pad:

Bleeding is normal like periods during the initial stage and it gets intensified during the removal of fetus parts. The intensity of this depends on the gestation period of a woman. A woman may soak 3-4 sanitary pads during the termination process. A woman may experience blood clots induced even after medical termination. Keep changing pads after every few hours when you are using Misoprostol as it will cause an excessive loss for removing the fetus from the uterus. Bleeding will be lighter again during the end days.

When you buy Abortion Pill online to terminate a pregnancy a certain procedure should be followed for successful abortion. You will get this information about abortion procedures on our website and how to maintain health during this procedure. If you have any doubts you can consult with a doctor and get prescribed medicine depending on your medical condition. Do not take these medicines without consulting with the doctor. Visit the clinic after 3-4 weeks for abortion confirmation. Abortion Pill will cause several consequences that need to be monitored.

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