What are the signs of early pregnancy and early abortion?

Many women misinterpreted missed periods with pregnancy. One has to be sure about pregnancy and its early signs before making any decision. Only after confirming pregnancy, you can opt for an online abortion pill to terminate the pregnancy. But how to be sure whether you are pregnant or not? Here in this blog, we’ll discuss how to confirm the pregnancy, with its early signs and how to end it in its early stages.

Early signs of pregnancy

One of the most common methods to suspect a pregnancy is by missed periods. If you have had unprotected physical relation during ovulation, then there are possibilities that you might get pregnant. Missing next menstrual cycle after that is a definite indication that you are pregnant.

There are other signs too, that are recognized as a symptom of pregnancy. These are very common and will vary from woman to woman. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headache, bloating and tender breasts. Though these symptoms can verify pregnancy one must confirm it by making a visit to the clinic.

If you think that you are pregnant, it is better to confirm it by making a visit to the clinic to perform an ultrasound test. You can also perform a urine test at home and confirm pregnancy at home. These pregnancy tests will give you results at home quickly and more privately.

How to shunt early pregnancy?

Once you have confirmed pregnancy, it is important to make a decision as early as possible. The reason behind this is, you can terminate a pregnancy in a certain time period only. If you want to terminate a pregnancy with the help of abortion pills it should be terminated within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. If you are opting for the surgical method, it should be terminated within the first 6-16 weeks of pregnancy.

The first method is to visit the clinic to perform suction aspiration or vacuum aspiration to terminate a pregnancy. You would have to make two visits to the clinic for the surgical method. In a first visit, you will confirm pregnancy and in second terminate a pregnancy.

If you have decided to terminate a pregnancy with abortion pills you can buy MTP kit online. This kit uses a combination of two different medicines that are approved by the FDA as the most effective medicine in pregnancy termination. Medicines used in this abortion pill kit are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone 200mg used in this termination kit will terminate a pregnancy by removing life support from the fetus. Second medicine used in this is Misoprostol 200mcg that will remove the fetus from the uterus.

Once you have administered both these medicines successfully, you will experience after effects like cramping and vaginal bleeding. These are the symptoms that your termination process is being carried out successfully. These will last for 8-10 days after administration of both the medicines. If you don’t experience them, consult with your doctor.

You will get these medicines online from different websites or from the local medicine store. Buying these from online websites will help, to have an abortion with more privacy.

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