Birth Control Pills

What are abortion pills?

An abortion pills has been proposed to terminate an undesired pregnancy. It is used to lapse down an early pregnancy not proceeding than 7-9 weeks or 49 days. You can use this pregnancy execution pills to abort 1 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, using after may fail to result well. Mifegest, Mifeprex, Cytotec, etc. these are the most working pills running now a day to abort an unwanted pregnancy. The kit comprises an active pill called mifepristone and misoprostol.

Why to abort baby through medication

An Abortion through medication is very simple and less time consuming. One can get prevent from surgical process. A medical abortion can be done at home secretly and privately without involving any one.  One can get it done easily with no longer pain and process. Anyone, who is uncomfortable with the surgical process to abort the baby, can go under therapeutic process to terminate the pregnancy. Medical abortion helps eliminate the fetus & placenta from the uterus of the female. It is also termed as nonsurgical process to conclude the baby.

Why the step abortion take place ?

Well, there are various reasons for the abortion to take place. The decision varies as per the couples wish. It can be considered

  •   When the progressing baby holds certain kind of birth imperfection or genetic issue
  •   When the pregnancy turns detrimental for the woman's health
  •   When the pregnancy taken place under forcement or certain undesired circumstances.
  •   When a woman or couples do not wish to get pregnant.


How effective is the abortion pill

An abortion pills found effective if practiced within a prescribed period of time (7-9 weeks of pregnancy). Aborting the baby through medicines beyond this period of time would be useless. An abortion medicine embraces misoprostol that acts by contracting the uterus reason cramping and bleeding consequences termination of the baby. It acts by hindering the hormones called progesterone. A drop down of progesterone turns down the coating of the uterus results discontinue in pregnancy. An abortion kit admitted 97% effective in result if practiced within a recommended period of time. It is considered a safest mode of therapy to end an unwanted pregnancy without facing any kind of surgical course and concern of second person. Due to its outstanding result; it seems exerting around the globe to drop down an unexpected pregnancy. 

How does medication abortion take place?

The course of medication abortion takes place exactly after consuming an abortion pill. It may include 3 steps:-

STEP 1:-

Your experts will ask you start with this pregnancy comprising antibiotics, hormonal blocking (progesterone) pills, etc. to break down the surface or coating of the uterus and abort the pregnancy.

STEP 2:-

You need to first take mifepristone to kill the existing embryo in the womb and after that misoprostol that helps bare or take out the embryo out from the uterus. A vaginal bleeding results a termination of the baby.

Step 3:-

After, the process visit the doctor or consult your experts to known whether you have got your unwished pregnancy aborted or not.


How safe is the abortion pill

It depends upon the usage; well, it seems working 92% accurate in result.

Why do women choose the abortion pill?

Since, it can be exercise alone and early without an assistance of any other person.  

It can be done privately and secretly at home.

It’s an easy process, which doesn’t comprise any surgical process

Less time consuming

Less complication

No risk of disclosing pregnancy.