Silagra (Sildenafil Citrate)


Better erection possible with Silagra:

It is a remarkable that all men need to have long and full sex-related life. In any case tragically not everyone of them can have it. Some men experience from such an upsetting issue as male ineptitude. It happens due to mental stress weights, mood, and unsafe way of life. In any case, when a man has issues with is penile erection, he needs to resolve them quickly and bring his sex-related way of life back.

Silagra 100 mg is the medicine that helps the individual to improve the situation way. Buy Silagra 100 mg today to last longer amid the love making action. These pills improve the love making ability of the men by enhancing the blood supply to the penile area. This drug is solution that is endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of ED. Sildenafil citrate 100 mg is the Min constituent of the Silagra tablet that helps the individual to achieve the required hard penile erection. It is the third phosphodiesterase inhibitor medication used to cure the feebleness. 

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Silagra 100mg

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Silagra 50mg

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The Key Benefits of Silagra 100:

A lot of men worry about turning to a medication with to cure their barrenness. Although, very few of them realize that this is one of the main wellbeing issues in numerous men. It might be a result of a various factors; however age plays an important role in sexual life. Keeping in mind, that Silagra online is ideal for you; by judging both the profits and negatives effects of drug. The profits of Sildenafil citrate 10mg are recorded as follows:

O         Ability to keep up an erection amid sexual stimulating.

O        Boosting self-confidence regarding sexual activity.

O         Increases the blood flow to the genital area so that erections keep going the length of you do.


Dosage of Silagra for ED treatment:

If you want to engage in sexual relations, you have to take this tablet around one hour prior to the planned sex activity. Silagra tablet needs around 40 five minutes to start working unquestionably. However, it must be utilized once in 24 hours.

It is ideal to start Silagra with a half dose (50 mg). On the off chance that it appears useless for an individual, he can utilize the entire measure of a 100 mg tablet. Initially, one needs to start with low dose & to be practiced once in a day. You can’t take this pill on daily basis. One has to maintain a sufficient amount of gap between the dosages. A one day gap is mandatory to be maintained. The drug needs to be taken only during the sexual motivation. Its daily intake may found harmful for the health. You need to take it with normal water without crushing and breaking.

Precaution and prevention to be taken

Taking silagra turns affect less if consumed with heavy, spicy or cheesy stuff; it also response offensive if practiced along with liquor or smoking. It is restricted for the women and normal function man. At a time you need to take only one pills; if in case it failed, rush to seek help of the physician rather than taking it again. Don’t use your concept in any medication process. Exercise the supplements as it has been prescribed rather than taking it in higher or moderate amount or more repeatedly than offered. Avoid merging any other drug along with this medication; since, it may overcome with certain side-effects.          

Side effects Silagra 1oo:

There are some troubling antagonistic responses of Silagra. They are the: blockage of nose, stomach pain, and headache. In the event that any of these reactions happened, makes sure that they are normally short.


Storage is the main part of the medicine; since, it enhances the self-life of the medicine. Store it in cool and dry spot. Expel it from the package when you require it. Place it absolutely away from the range of heat and moisture. Keep reading the expiry date of the drugs, do not store the expired medicine, try disposing it as soon as possible.

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